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Hey, how’s it going?! My name’s Aaron and I’m the developer behind JDY.

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 Just to give a little background, I’m an Asian-American(hence the chinkiness haha) from Orange County who grew up in a middle class lifestyle and didn’t come from humble beginnings or have to face much adversity compared to that of some of my other peers. However, what separated me from most people growing was that I’ve always had a burning desire to question and challenge the norm which lead me into a lot of trouble as a kid getting weekly detentions and an adolescent getting involved with some “not-so-good” things.

But what I’ve realized from a young age is that modern society is set up in a way that conditions and rewards us for being good little people that do as we’re told which ultimately leads to a vast array of negative effects which will thoroughly be explored from this website. This inclination of mine to break away from norms and to study deeper into the truths of life has thus far developed me into a very avid reader on a wide array of subjects that include personal development, business, and psychology as well as becoming a practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, a strong fitness proponent, and above all other things, an extremely open minded person willing to question everything and anything.

Hiker sits on a rocky peak and enjoy the scenery

My intention behind JDY is for it to become a reliable middleman in providing valuable content and tools from all kinds of various sources to aid the people who are starting to realize the game they’re in and have the want, scratch that… the NEED, to get more out of life, regardless of where they’re from, their occupation, or lifestyle. I wish you a warm welcome and hope you find the content to be of great value!